Is a Pro Se Divorce Right for Me?


If you are thinking about filing for divorce in Pasadena, you might be wondering if a pro se divorce is a good idea. Pro se divorce means that you are going to represent yourself during your divorce negotiation.

A pro se divorce can involve one or both spouses forgoing the representation of an attorney. However, if only one spouse wants a pro se divorce, it is important to realize that the other spouse's attorney is not allowed to provide legal assistance. It is against an attorney's professional code of ethics to represent both spouses in a divorce case. And, if one spouse has legal representation and the other does not, the person opting to appear as a pro se litigant is going to start the negotiation process at a huge disadvantage.

The only time a pro se divorce is advisable is if the couple has little in the way of assets or debts and is in complete agreement about the terms of the divorce settlement. As you might imagine, this is quite rare.

Pro se divorce is not a good idea if the couple has children, both inherited and marital assets, a business together, or significant points of disagreement as to how the divorce should be handled. Generally speaking, the longer a couple was married, the more likely they will be to need professional legal assistance.

The main reason most people want a pro se divorce is to try to save money. But this logic is shortsighted. By trying to save legal fees now, you could be risking your future financial security. A qualified Pasadena divorce attorney could help you get a greater share of your spouse's pension, help you prepare a case for alimony if you were a stay at home parent, or preserve your financial interest in the marital home. The decisions made during a divorce settlement have the potential to affect your life for many years into the future, so it makes sense to have someone on your side to advocate for your best interests.