Divorce Tips for High Earning Women


If you are a high earning woman contemplating a Pasadena divorce, keep in mind that ending your marriage may very well come with a high price tag even if your marriage was relatively short.

For example singer Jennifer Lopez married backup dancer Chris Judd in 2001. The couple separated after less than a year, but Judd is reported to have received a settlement worth as much as $15 million.

A 2010 study conducted by sociologists at Western Washington University found that couples in which the woman made 60% or more of the household income had a 38% increase in the likelihood of divorce. Navigating a relationship where traditional gender roles are reversed proves to be a difficult task for many couples.

Here are some tips for high earning women who want to make sure they are protected during a divorce:

  • The best thing you can do for yourself is to insist upon a prenup before getting married. If you're already married and don't have a prenup, a post-nuptial agreement is your next best option. The post nuptial agreement can address the same issues as a prenup, although asking a spouse to sign one is not an easy task.
  • If you receive an inheritance or other money that would be separate property in a divorce settlement, make sure these funds are not added to your regular household budget. Co-mingling can turn separate property into marital property.
  • If you have a demanding work schedule and young children at home, be prepared to answer questions about how you'll handle balancing career and family as a single parent. Mothers are no longer automatically assumed to be the best custodial parents and your ex may very well chose to argue that your long hours and frequent business trips are a disadvantage.
  • If you want a divorce because your spouse is abusive, collect as much evidence as possible to support your abuse allegations. If you can prove domestic abuse is the reason for your divorce, you will not have to pay spousal support even if your ex is otherwise eligible for alimony.

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