Does Gender Matter in Child Custody Cases?


At one point, it was true that Pasadena family law heavily favored women in child custody decisions. It was widely accepted that women were better at nurturing and caring for young children. Today, however, there is less of an automatic assumption that a woman should be awarded custody of the children from the marriage. If the father has been a devoted and involved parent, he has a good chance of being awarded custody. Some judges may hold more old-fashioned views of the ideal family dynamic, but the overall courtroom environment is more progressive than ever before.

The gender of the child sometimes comes up as an issue in child custody cases. Many people feel that a parent will struggle to raise a child of the opposite gender, especially when the child becomes a teenager. For example, there might be some concern that a man would not be able to effectively talk to his daughter about puberty and obtaining birth control if she wishes to become sexually active. On a similar note, there might be concern than a teenage boy would be uncomfortable talking to his mother about the changes he is going through. If you are seeking custody of a child of the opposite gender, it's a good idea to think about how you would handle these issues in case they are addressed in the courtroom.

It should be noted that the wishes of the child can play a role if the child is old enough to be able to make an informed decision. For example, a teen boy who says he feels more comfortable living with his father may very well be allowed to make that choice if the father is a suitable custodial parent and there is no evidence the boy was pressured into making the decision.

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