Creating a Child Custody Agreement


Setting a child custody agreement is an important part of the Pasadena divorce process if a couple has children together. A custody agreement defines who is going to be physically responsible for the children, what the non-custodial parent's visitation schedule will be, and how medical, child care, and schooling costs will be handled. The agreement may also cover the procedure for handling relocation issues if one parent later decides to move out of the area for work or personal reasons.

Custody agreements sometimes have language that outlines the parameters of important parenting issues, such as the child's religious education. Courts generally do not like to get involved in religious disputes between parents, but the terms of the custody agreement must be obeyed.

Troublesome personal behaviors can be forbidden by the custody agreement. For example, a custody agreement might require that a parent refrain from smoking around a child with asthma and allergies.

Morality clauses in custody agreements outline issues relating to each person's new romantic relationships. For example, the morality clause might forbid a parent from cohabiting with a new boyfriend or girlfriend to avoid exposing the children to emotionally stressful situations.

Parents are allowed to create their own custody agreement, but a judge will decide the terms of the agreement if you and your ex can't work together to develop your own proposal.

Once it has been approved by a judge, a custody agreement is a legally binding document. Make sure that you are comfortable with the terms of the agreement. Violations of the custody agreement vary in severity, but all violations should be discussed with your attorney. If necessary, you can go back to court and ask the judge to revisit the terms of the custody agreement.

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