Fathers Seeking Primary Custody Are a Growing Group


The issue of father's rights has been receiving an increased amount of attention from family lawyers in Pasadena. While it was once rare for a father to seek primary custody of his children after a divorce, there are now many men who want to be named custodial parents.

When deciding who should be granted primary custody, the court will look at how involved each parent is with the daily tasks associated with raising the children. It's not enough to simply play with the kids or be present for special events like dance recitals and soccer games. You must be actively involved in the daily lives of the children. For example:

  • Who makes meals for the children?
  • Who helps the children with homework?
  • Who handles medical care for the children?
  • Who arranges for transportation to and from extracurricular activities?

The court may also consider your relationship with your spouse. Even though you two will no longer be married once the divorce is final, you'll still need to work together on many co-parenting tasks. The court will be unlikely to award primary custody if there is reason to believe you'll prevent the children from having a positive relationship with their mother.

Having a busy work schedule won't necessarily count against you in a custody battle, especially if your spouse also works full time. But if you must often work late or travel on business, it is a good idea to think about how you'll handle child care during these times. Having a child care plan, whether it's hiring a family friend to babysit or asking the child's grandparents to come help out, shows that you're serious about doing what is best for your children.

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