Getting Permission to Move After Your Divorce


The idea of moving for a fresh start after your Pasadena divorce may sound appealing, but moving can be tricky if you're a custodial parent.

It’s becoming common for divorces to contain some sort of relocation clause that limits the custodial parent’s ability to move based on the fact that a long distance move will affect the child’s ability to see his or her other parent. However, even if your divorce does not have a relocation clause, your ex may still protest your move on the grounds that it would interfere with his or her visitation rights.

If you want to move, you must first consider whether the move is truly in your child’s best interests. Changing schools and moving away from a local support system can be tough on children who are already struggling with the aftermath of a divorce. If your child is old enough to understand what moving will mean, consider having a family meeting to discuss the pros and cons of relocation.

If you need the court’s permission to move, you’ll be asked about issues such as why you’re moving, what your employment will be at your new location, what type of housing you’ve selected, what school your child will attend, and who will be providing any needed after-school childcare. Being able to show the judge that you have a plan to address these issues will increase the odds of a ruling that is in your favor.

Once you’ve been given permission to move, you’ll need to work out a new visitation schedule. This might include sharing travel expenses, having longer visits during the summer or school breaks, and allowing virtual visitation via Skype or Facetime. Showing your ex that you’re open to options that allow him or her to continue to be an active parent will only work in your favor.

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