Planning Summer Visitation


After a Pasadena divorce, parents typically follow one custody and visitation schedule during the school year and another schedule during the summer months. Extended summer visits with a noncustodial parent provide an important way for children to maintain a loving relationship with both parents after the divorce is finalized.

When planning summer visits, both parents should work together to decide how any summer activities the children wish to participate in will be handled. A noncustodial parent may not want to forfeit one week of his or her four week summer visitation to send the child to a sleepaway camp. Swimming lessons may need to be scheduled at a pool that is closer to the noncustodial parent’s home, in order to minimize travel time.

If the children will be with a noncustodial parent for an extended period of time during the summer, it may be best to have the custodial parent visit once a week or every other weekend. Young children often find it difficult to go for several weeks without seeing a parent who they are accustomed to viewing as a primary caretaker. If physical visits aren’t possible, regular phone calls, emails, or Skype chats may help with any homesickness the children feel.

Typically, you can request a reduction in child support payments if you are physically caring for the children for a greater period of time. However, this does not mean a noncustodial parent can skip child support payments or make partial payments because he or she is caring for the children during an extended summer visit that is a temporary arrangement. The only time you are allowed to skip payments or pay a reduced amount is when you have a court order that says so. If you and your ex have worked out a private arrangement saying you don’t need to pay child support in the summer, write the check anyway and have your ex void it.

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