Divorcing Your Passive Aggressive Spouse


Pasadena divorce lawyers know that divorcing your passive aggressive spouse can be a frustrating experience. A passive aggressive person is unable to express anger in a healthy way and instead resorts to procrastination, ambiguity, forgetfulness and blaming others to express dissatisfaction.

A passive aggressive person is likely to become quite forgetful during your divorce. He or she may forget to show up for court or forget to respond to interrogatories as a way of slowing down the divorce process. This ends up costing you more money in the long run, not to mention the stress of a prolonged court case.

Mediation sounds like a great idea to a passive aggressive spouse, but you should avoid this at all costs. Passive aggressive people have no negotiating skills. They’ll ask for a mediator, then refuse to fully participate in the process.

If children are involved, the passive aggressive spouse might seek custody as a way to punish you for asking for a divorce. However, you should not be concerned about your spouse’s attempt to seek custody. It’s likely that a passive aggressive spouse will fail to follow through with what is needed for a custody battle. In fact, many passive aggressive spouses fail to show up for visitation all together.

Once the judge has issued the final settlement, you may end up making a few trips back to court to deal with your former spouse’s refusal to follow through with the division of marital assets, payment of child support, or payment of spousal support. Having a competent attorney by your side will ensure that your legal rights are protected no matter what tricks the passive aggressive has up his or her sleeve.

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