Schweitzer Law Partners Welcome Attorney Anthony Lai


We are so excited to have our newest attorney, Anthony Lai, join the firm this month. Anthony is a second-year attorney that brings with him over ten years of substantial experience.

“Anthony’s experience, knowledge of the law, and skill level are huge assets to our firm. He has already begun working for our clients and is doing excellent work. We strive to hire the very best people at our firm, and I am confident we recruited an excellent attorney by bringing Anthony on board.” –Donald P. Schweitzer, CFLS

He started his journey in the field of law by earning a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from The University of California, Riverside in June of 2007. From there, he began studying at Loyola Law School and received his Juris Doctorate in December of 2012.

After leaving law school, Anthony worked as a law clerk until December of 2017 when he was admitted to the California Bar and began working Of Counsel at the Law Help Center. Here, he was solely responsible for over thirty high-conflict family law matters and made more than 150 appearances independently as attorney of record, including several multi-day, complex trials.

His passion for law and specifically family law has pushed him on his journey and motivated him to help others,

“Family law encompasses dynamics and emotions that are not found in other areas of law. Not everyone will get into an auto accident, or have a run-in with law enforcement, but we all have a family. When problems arise with one’s family, they are often complex and difficult problems that a person can go through. I was drawn to family law because it allows me to try to apply creative solutions to unique problems. The ability and opportunity to apply my experience and compassion, to help people navigate the difficult times and to start a new chapter in their lives, provides a lot of satisfaction.”

We are glad to be growing our firm and are fortunate to have Anthony on board. We look forward to seeing the positive impact he will have on the firm, but mostly on the families, with whom he will work.

“I’m excited to join Schweitzer Law Partners because of the expertise and knowledge of its partners and associates in the area of family law. The desire to utilize the collective experience of the attorneys for the benefit of our clients is what made the office particularly attractive to me.”