How Long Should Spousal Support Be Paid in California?

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How Long Should Spousal Support Be Paid in California?

When a couple is getting divorced, a California court may order one of the spouses to pay spousal support or alimony. One of the reasons why spousal support is granted is to help the lesser-earning spouse maintain their standard of living after the divorce. One of the questions that our clients frequently ask about spousal support is how long they will receive or have to pay for spousal support. Our Pasadena attorneys explain how the payment duration is determined for spousal support.

How Is the Duration of Spousal Support Determined?

In California, it is typical for spousal support payments to last half the length of the marriage. This only applies if the marriage lasted ten years or less. If the marriage lasted more than ten years, it is possible for a California court to set a longer payment plan or not to set a deadline at all. If the court doesn’t set an end date, it will be up to the spouse paying the spousal support to prove that the other spouse doesn’t need the financial help anymore. There are various factors that can end spousal support payments before the requested end date.

Below are the various factors that can end spousal support payments:

  • The spouse receiving payments gets remarried
  • If the supporting party is cohabitating with a non-marital partner
  • The death of either spouse
  • The paying spouse reaches their retirement age

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