Healing After Divorce: 3 Steps to Recovery

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In the wake of a divorce, it may feel impossible that a better day is on the horizon. But it’s important to remember that a better day is always on the horizon, and you may reach it earlier if you take certain steps to care for yourself. Taking even small measures every day can help lighten the load and make the future seem brighter.

Learn three ways to heal after a divorce and get back on the road to recovery.

#1. Forgive Yourself

After a divorce, your emotions may be all over the place. Often, it can feel difficult pulling yourself together to perform daily tasks. The first step on the road to recovery is forgiving yourself. Be kind and patient with yourself. Know that, while it may not always feel like it, chances are that the divorce happened for a good reason.

Don’t put too high expectations on yourself to “get back out there” or feel like you should be “better” by a certain time. Putting such pressure on yourself can actually aggravate your feelings and make the situation worse. Slow down, take your time, and know that you will “get back out there” when you’re ready.

#2. Find Your Support System

The key to emotional recovery after a divorce is finding your support system. Although it may feel like all you want to do is isolate yourself from others and stew in your thoughts and feelings, it can be very beneficial for you to reach out to those you love. Chances are, someone close to you has been in a similar situation and can provide valuable advice.

If you don’t have anyone in your close personal circle to whom you can express your feelings, it may be helpful to seek professional support. Look into cognitive behavioral therapy or psychiatry to find a solution that works for you. Keep up the search until you find a provider who you feel comfortable with; don’t think you have to stick with the first therapist you find.

#3. Keep a Journal

Writing in a journal regularly can help you process your thoughts and get them down on paper. Sometimes, you may make revelations about your thoughts by writing them down than you would have by just keeping them in your head.

It can also provide some great perspective down the line. Perhaps one day, you can look back at the journal and remember how difficult this time was—and remember that you got through it and came out better on the other side. Such insight can provide valuable information for any difficult experience you may face in the future. It may give you the confidence to know you can get through anything.

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