Definitely a Divorcing Diva

Dear Sara,

I was quite moved by your appearance on "Dancing with the Stars" earlier this week, when you got up in front of all of America on one of the most popular shows on Prime-Time TV and explained why it was necessary for you to drop out of the competition. It must have been really difficult for you to speak out publicly about a very private matter. It's a good thing you're so used to performing under pressure.

Of course, I thought that you had already sufficiently explained your reasons in a statement made by you the week before. I can't quite figure out why you thought it was also necessary for you to announce it on the show as well. Hmm. Oh, I remember, it was out of concern for your children's emotional well-being. I know it was important for you to drop out of the show so you could spend time with your children during this difficult time. I wonder... were they backstage waiting for you in the green room as you taped your appearance for the show to talk about why you were divorcing their Daddy?

I really do hope that that you can find the privacy you were requesting of your fans and viewers during this very difficult time. Of course, it might be somewhat difficult when you are speaking publicly about every dirty detail of your marriage and the reasons you have indicated were the cause of the break-up.

I wonder if your publicist or family law attorney ever advised you against being interviewed for the show. They should have told you it might appear self-serving to do so, and that it could actually appear as if you were using your celebrity status to further your cause in your case. If they didn't tell you that, you may want to consider firing them both.

There are many celebrity women who have endured rumors of infidelity and abuse in their marriage and, unlike you, they exercised restraint and had enough class not to go on national TV and discuss what many of us consider to be a private and personal matter. I am now convinced that it really was your plan all along to expose the father of your children in as demeaning a way as possible and create as much drama and attention in support of your case as you could. Of course, all of this being done for the sake of protecting your children emotionally.

Written by Maria Schweitzer