How to Prepare If You Think Your Spouse Is Planning to File for Divorce



Although some couples mutually reach the decision that it's time to file for a Pasadena divorce, it's more common for the filing to be done by just one party. If you suspect that your spouse might be planning to file for divorce, it's in your best interest to be prepared. Counseling sometimes helps save troubled marriages, but it only works if both spouses are equally committed.

It's a good idea to inventory your household possessions on a regular basis to prepare for fires, theft, or natural disasters. But an inventory is also smart in the event that your spouse files for divorce. Make sure all items of value are accounted for, with a special focus on family heirlooms and items normally stored in a safe deposit box or separate storage facility.

Most married couples have one person handle the finances each month to make sure all the bills are paid. This is efficient when the marriage is going well, but problematic when filing for divorce. If you don't normally handle the bill paying, you probably don't have a very good idea of your household income. Spend some time making copies of bank account statements, receipts, and other important financial documents. Pull copies of your personal credit report to check for errors or transactions you don't recognize. Your goal should be to obtain a clear picture of your current household income and expenses so that you can better negotiate a settlement that is in your best interests.

If you are not currently employed, start brushing up your résumé and reconnecting with contacts in your field of interest. It is possible to obtain temporary spousal support when filing for divorce, but this is unlikely to be enough to maintain your present standard of living. And, if you decide you will need to go back to school in order to obtain marketable skills, the enrollment paperwork will likely take several months to complete.

It is common for Pasadena divorce attorneys to offer a free initial consultation. If you suspect your spouse is considering a divorce, start researching your options for legal representation as soon as possible. The initial consultation can provide you with some general advice for how to protect yourself in the event that your spouse does file for divorce.