Kim Kardashian Seeks a Bifurcation of Status from Husband Kris Humphries

Pasadena divorce lawyers weren't too surprised when it was recently announced that Kim Kardashian is seeking a bifurcation of status in her divorce proceedings against Kris Humphries. The couple was only married for 72 days and Kim filed for divorce on October 31, 2011. Unlike many other celebrity divorce cases, however, this battle appears not to be about money.

Kris Humphries wants an annulment, not a divorce. He believes that Kardashian defrauded him and never was committed to having a legitimate marriage. An annulment is much harder to get than a divorce, because you must prove that your marriage was never valid in the first place.

A bifurcation of status changes your marital status, but does not address the other issues of the settlement. It is a process that is most often used when there are complicated financial matters or custody issues that need to be decided, but one person wants to be legally free to remarry again or wants to be classified as single for tax purposes.

Kardashian is pregnant with Kanye West's baby and is due to give birth in July. She has stated that her goal is to be legally divorced by the time she has her child so that she can begin her family with West and move forward with the next chapter of her life.

Since the court can't force Humphries into agreeing to a settlement, a bifurcation of status appears to be Kardashian's only way of avoiding the problem of being legally married to a man who is not the father of her child.

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